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It's official -- 14 straight. In celebration, here's a little something I like to call "The Truth" ( -- Imagine what a recruiting visit from Suge Knight would be like. It starts off like "Training Day," with Suge having you meet him at a diner before insisting that you pay the bill, and ends with you dangling by your legs over a balcony until you sign a letter of intent. On a related note, there's only one coach out there who's still harder than Suge ( (Bomani J.) -- Joe Jackson's Hip Hop Boot Camp. For a man with an image that's "questionable" at best, couldn't they have found a better picture? (Adam De C.) -- I don't know which is stranger: my attraction to a woman dressed up as Ronald McDonald or the quote at the end of the article. -- In Pennsylvania high schools, boys are apparently allowed to openly participate on girls' teams. This has the capability of creating the greatest sports villain the world has ever known. Clubber Lang, Andy Kauffman, and "crazy Rick Fox on the Lakers" all rolled into one would still have nothing on the kid rounding second with his softball bat held high in the air, excitedly celebrating his fourth homerun of the afternoon. (Graham G.) -- Roy Firestone is truly one of a kind. Make sure to click on the "video clips" at the top of the page (takes a second to load) and then scroll down to "I Believe I Can Fly." Now get ready for the greatest two minutes of your life.

WEDNESDAY (Aron B.) '' I can't believe it took me so long to appreciate the wonder that is the Roger Ebert bad review. For this one, our hero all but declares war on Jenny McCarthy. -- They're making an OC video game. Anyone who buys this should be denied the right to vote, because clearly they're insane. Video games are about winning and losing, sometimes even causing severe psychological damage to your opponent if it's a particularly dramatic victory. This game sounds like the polar opposite of that. (David S.) -- Everyone needs a cause, and this man's cause is former Winona St. (Division II) wide receiver Chris Samp. After dedicating himself to the Chris Samp Heisman campaign last year, he has continued to follow Samp as a free-agent Eagles signee. Do yourself a favor and scroll down to the April 4th and 6th entries. (Jeffrey D.) -- Scroll down to the Doug Christie update and note how the Mavs plan to be "sensitive to [Jackie's] needs," only allowing male PR staffers to work with Doug. I wonder if you can legally defect from another person. -- Novel-length feature article on Conan O'Brien, but if you have a spare three hours to kill, it's a good read. There's a completely random mentioning of a simmering feud with Jon Stewart, but my favorite tidbit was learning that he responds to constant shouts of "Hello, Conan!" by making up nonsense nicknames like "Hello, Chopper." That's why he's Conan O'Brien and you're not.



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