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What the heck was Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez thinking when he threw 72-year-old Yankees' bench coach Don Zimmer to the gound during Game 3 of the ALCS?

Pedro Martinez
"Hey, I was trying to give him a kiss to make up."

A. "It's not like me throwing him down could make his face any more swollen or anything."

B."What's the big deal? I checked first: He was wearing his Medic Alert bracelet."

C. "And I'm coming after you next, Mr. Trader Jack McKeon."

D. "You'd think Zim would've learned after he saw what I did to John Wooden in that celebrity rasslin' thing we did."

E. "Two years from now when I'm a Yankee, we'll all look back at this and laugh."

F. "You know, close up, he really does look like a gerbil."