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What the heck was streaker Mark Roberts thinking when he ran to the 30-yard line at Reliant Stadium in the Super Bowl dressed in nothing but a G-string and danced a jig in front of the Carolina Panthers' kickoff team?

We doubt the streaker was thinking about how he'd be removed from the field.

A. "Does this G-string make me look fat?"

B. "Met a man, Bojangles, and he danced for me ... in worn out shoes ... "

C. "I miss the old days when we only had to run to the 35."

D. ""Thank God they don't play the Super Bowl in Green Bay!"

E. "I wish all those chicks who dissed me in high school could see me now ... Oh, wait. They can."

F. "If this doesn't get that dreamy Adam Vinatieri's attention, nothing will."