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What the heck were police thinking when they pulled over Michael Jackson on the roadway and ask him to identify himself because he was driving while wearing a ski mask?

Michael Jackson
"Phew! All clear guys!. It isn't Kobe."

A. "Why is that guy's face melting under that mask?"

B. "I know it's illegal to drive while drunk. But is it illegal to drive while certifiably nuts?"

C. "You know, I'd really rather take what's behind Door No. 1 than make this collar."

D. Cop No. 1: "You think that guy wearing a ski mask might have stolen that car or robbed a liquor store?"

Cop No. 2: "Nah. Don't be so suspicious. It's probably just a celebrity who doesn't want to be recognized. Michael Jackson, maybe. Relax. Have another Krispy Kreme."

E. "This looks a little strange. He's wearing a painter's mask in his driver's license photo."

F. "Sir, I'll have to ask you take off that ... Oh, Jesus! Put it back on! Put it back on!"