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What the heck was chair umpire Ted Watts thinking when he incorrectly gave Karolina Sprem a point in her Wimbledon victory over Venus Williams after a line judge had ruled Sprem's first serve out?

Karolina Sprem
"I can't wait to be famous! Do you think Bud Collins would go out with me?"

A. "What?! I'm the line judge? I thought this was the courtside seat I paid 300 pounds for."

B. "Let's see ... only 10 months and 22 days until Sharapova turns 18."

C. "It was my understanding, before the debates began, that there would be no math."

D. "Yummm, strawberries!"

E. "My mind has been a mess ever since Beckham missed that penalty kick."

F. "I can see Sprem's belly button! I can see Sprem's belly button!!!"