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What the heck was Ken Jennings thinking when his question on Jeopardy -- "What is FedEx?" -- was wrong, thus ending his streak of 74 straight wins, a stretch in which he won just over $2.5 million? (The answer was, "Most of this firm's 70,000 season white-collar employees work only four months a year." The correct question was, "What is H&R Block?")

Ken Jennings
Sure Ken is cool. But really, how hard is it to be cool in Utah?

A. "Damn! I wish I hadn't run out of Greg Anderson's 'magic flaxseed oil'."

B. "I only walked away with $2.5 million? Hey, I have a family to feed!"

C. "I stopped reading at 'white-collar employees.' Anymore, those words just make me giggle."

D. "C'mon. I lost one lousy game. It ain't like I blew four straight to the Red Sox or anything."

E. "At least I didn't throw as easy a question as Charles Van Doren did with 'Marty'."

F. "Hey, that's better than my other answer: 'What is the WNBA?'"