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What the heck was the Timberwolves' Latrell Sprewell thinking when he issued a vulgar challenge to a heckler in the stands at a Clippers' game, and then cursed at a female fan who objected to Sprewell's vulgarity? (Sprewell was suspended for one game for the outburst.)

Latrell Sprewell
Sally Struthers plans on centering her next special around Latrell.

A. "She had a cup in her hands! I had to defend myself."

B. "Nobody calls me 'Pippi Longstocking' and gets away with it!"

C. "One man's pick-up line, apparently, is another league's 'sexual vulgarity'."

D. "What's the big deal? It isn't like I've strangled my coach ... lately."

E. "All I did was ask the guy if he'd mind leaving his leftover nachos under the seat. I mean, I've got a family to feed."

F. "Man, I really hit a new low on this one. Now I'm yelling at Clippers fans."