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What the heck was Philadelphia coach Andy Reid thinking when players doused him with a bucket of Gatorade at the end of the NFC championship game?

Andy Reid
"Enough of this Gatorade! Bring on the cheese steaks!"

A. It wouldn't have been so bad if the second half of the bucket hadn't frozen in mid-air.

B. I got out of that bet about wearing tights, but I guess they're holding me to the wet t-shirt thing.

C. Oh great, and you just know those guys from "NFL Coaches Gone Wild" are somewhere around here with their camera.

D. I guess I should have known something was going to hit me when I saw Todd Pinkston ducking into the fetal position.

E. I wish Donovan had convinced them to dump a bucket of Campbell's Chunky Soup on me. Mmm ... Sirloin Burger ...

F. Hey, it's like the Olympics. Once every four years isn't so bad.