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What the heck was supermodel Tyra Banks thinking when she announced that it's time to "retire" her cleavage, now that she's about to become a talk show host? (According to, Banks said, "I've been the sexpot-type model kinda girl for so long ... Now I'm doing a talk show and moving into other areas, I'm hosting these girls and being a den mother on my model show, so it's time to retire all this, I think.")

Tyra Banks
Don't do it, Tyra, don't do it! We love ... them.

A. "From now on, I think I'll just let the other hosts show off their cleavage. Like Dr. Phil."

B. "I'm tired of just getting by on my looks. It's time for me to use other stuff, like my ... umm ... you know, my mind and things."

C. "Why do people always snicker whenever I say 'the bigger they are, the harder they fall'?"

D. "When I say 'hosting these girls,' I mean my breasts, of course."

E. "The media has been trying to destroy my cleavage for years ... Now you have finally done it. You wanted my cleavage to jump off a bridge. It finally did."

F. "Let's see ... if I retire it now, that means it'll be eligible to be bronzed and inducted into the Cleavage Hall of Fame in five years, right?"