August is worst month for sports

Originally Published: August 2, 2010
By Adam Watson | Special to Page 2


The name of the eighth month may come from Augustus and roughly translate to "great" or "magnificent," but neither of those descriptions applies when it comes to sports.

There is nothing to get excited about in August. NFL exhibition games? We don't think so. The NASCAR Chase and a real sense of urgency in MLB? Those don't happen until September. College football teams are still in practice pads, and every NBA player is on vacation or trying to purchase the biggest mansion in the greater Miami area.

The biggest sporting event happening this month is a golf tournament, and no one is all that geeked for the PGA Championship with Tiger Woods playing more like James Woods. More people are excited that August is National Goat Cheese Month.

That's why Page 2 is declaring August the Worst Sports Month, and we've ranked the other 11 to prove it.

2. December

What's going on: NFL, College football bowl games, NBA, College basketball, NHL

Best event: NFL Week 16

Comment: At first glance, it may look like December is a pretty good sports month. However, it takes the second worst spot on our list behind August because of a sheer lack of competition. With 68 teams getting into the NCAA tournament now, the college basketball regular season is almost meaningless. And there is no such thing as an intense NHL or NBA game in December. We'll give you that the NFL games are good, but the early college football bowl games cancel that out. Is anyone actually watching the Humanitarian Bowl?

What would make it better? If cheerleading squads had as many members as NFL rosters.

3. July

What's going on: MLB, NASCAR, PGA Tour, ATP Tour

Best event: MLB All-Star Game

Comment: Much like going to the dentist, it's easy to look back on July and say, "That wasn't so bad." That Stockholm syndrome will wear off soon enough, though, and you'll realize that the past 31 days have been pretty rough. The most exciting thing that happened last month was a baseball game that doesn't even count. The Wimbledon finals were a yawn and we've already forgotten how to pronounce the name of British Open champion Louis Oosthuizen.

What would make it better? If Bud Selig played a baseball version of all-time QB and pitched for both teams in the All-Star Game.

4. March

What's going on: NBA, NHL, College basketball/NCAA tournament, NASCAR, PGA Tour, ATP Tour

Best event: March Madness

Comment: "How can the month that includes the NCAA tournament be the fourth worst!?" For starters, the few teams battling to make the playoffs in the NHL and NBA are the only ones really trying. Everyone else is basically loafing because they're clearly in or out. Also, there aren't any marquee events in racing, golf or tennis. Which brings us back to March Madness. Sure there are some good upsets in the first rounds, but they don't play "One Shining Moment" until April.

What would make it better? If Dick Vitale was forced to commentate the NCAA tourney without using exclamation points.

5. October

What's going on: NFL, College football, NBA, MLB/MLB playoffs, NHL, NASCAR Sprint Cup Chase for the Cup, PGA Tour, ATP Tour

Best event: World Series

Comment: October certainly has a lot going on, unfortunately regular-season football and uninspired basketball just aren't enough to move it up the rankings. The Fall Classic is great, but over the past five years it's included the Phillies, Rays, Rockies, Astros and Cardinals. Those clubs just don't make the nation tune in. Can you even remember who St. Louis beat in '06?

What would make it better? If we could somehow retroactively take away a few of the Yankees' World Series wins.

6. September

What's going on: MLB, NFL, College football, NASCAR Sprint Cup Chase for the Cup, PGA Tour, ATP Tour

Best event: U.S. Open (tennis)

Comment: With football in full swing, September isn't a loser on the sporting calendar by any means. It just doesn't crack our top half of the year. A few MLB teams will take their seasons to the wire and the beginning of NASCAR's Chase excites racing fans, but the biggest event in September is a tennis tournament and that's why the month falls to No. 6. Maybe if Andy Roddick got the United States back on top at Flushing Meadows, we'd reconsider.

What would make it better? If the NCAA would chill on the rule changes and let college football players have a little fun since they aren't making any money.

7. May

What's going on: NBA playoffs, NHL playoffs, MLB, NASCAR, PGA Tour, ATP Tour

Best event: Indy 500

Comment: May is when Page 2's glass goes from half empty to half full. This is a good time to be a sports fan. There is something for almost everyone. The French Open begins. Professional basketball and hockey are in their postseasons. The Indy 500 revs up with all its history, pomp and circumstance. And even the most ardent haters of giant hats and mint juleps will tune in for two minutes to watch the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes.

What would make it better? If they replaced the clay at Roland Garros with Folgers Crystals.

8. April

What's going on: NBA/NBA playoffs, MLB, College basketball/NCAA tournament, NHL/NHL playoffs, NASCAR, PGA Tour, ATP Tour

Best event: NCAA basketball championship

Comment: We admit that these next few months have so much going for them sports-wise, it was hard to put them in a definitive order. Everything old seems new again on Opening Day. The Celtics actually start trying during the playoffs. People actively search for hockey games on their TV (albeit with little success). And the Masters unfurls in all its Yanni-scored glory. The icing on the cake for April though is the crowning of a new NCAA basketball champion.

What would make it better? If we could get R. Kelly to sing "One Shining Moment."

9. January

What's going on: NBA, NFL/NFL playoffs, College football bowl games, College basketball, NHL, PGA Tour, ATP Tour

Best event: BCS National Championship Game

Comment: It seems like everything but baseball is happening in January. Even tennis gets into the act with its first grand slam of the year at the Australian Open. Regular-season NBA and NHL games might not be enough to get you up in the morning, but NFL playoff games are must-watch TV. The best part of January, though, is arguing over which is worse, the BCS or the latest season of "The Office." Still, we watch the National Championship Game whether it actually crowns a champ or not.

What would make it better? Two words: playoff system.

10. June

What's going on: NBA playoffs, NHL playoffs, MLB, NASCAR, PGA Tour, ATP Tour

Best event: NBA Finals

Comment: Summer commences with an unprecedented flurry of events. The French Open ends and Wimbledon begins. We get golf's second major, the U.S. Open. The Belmont Stakes rounds out the Triple Crown. And one hockey team finally gets to lift Lord Stanley's Cup. If any of those events captured our attention half as much as the NBA Finals, June would easily land in our top two.

What would make it better? If more than a handful of teams actually had a chance at winning in the NBA.

11. November

What's going on: NFL, College football, NBA, College basketball, NHL, NASCAR Sprint Cup Chase for the Cup, PGA Tour, ATP Tour

Best event: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series at Homestead-Miami

Comment: November is full of sports we just love. Every weekend is filled from morning to night with pigskin. The start of the college basketball season helps fill in the gridiron gaps. And the NASCAR Chase comes down to one final race at Homestead. It just warms a sports fan's soul to know you can watch football, basketball, hockey, racing, golf or tennis when it's cold outside.

What would make it better? A big mug of hot chocolate and a mutiny on Al Davis.

12. February

What's going on: NFL playoffs, NBA, College basketball, NHL, NASCAR, PGA Tour, ATP Tour

Best event: Super Bowl

Comment: February is far and away the best month for sports. Like January, just about every sport is in its regular season. NASCAR gets into high gear early with the Daytona 500. But it's the king of all football games that makes this month the runaway winner. Do you sit through the commercials of any other game? We didn't think so. It's just a shame that February is the shortest month of the year.

What would make it better? Nothing. But if you twist our arms, we'll say more ads during the Super Bowl featuring monkeys.

Do you have a different pick for Worst Sports Month? Disagree with our order? Then let us know here and we'll run a list of your selections later in the week.

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