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Skateboarding 2013 -- the year in review

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Skater of The Year battle

Photograph By Sean Cronan

It is somewhat of an understatement to say that 2013 was chock-full of video parts. With a new part coming out almost every single week, it was easy to get lost in the sea of shredding. But there were a number that left a mark. For Thrasher, though, video is only part of what makes someone a candidate for its coveted Skater of the Year award. With heavy parts and interviews in the mag to boot, it came down to three contenders: Nyjah Huston, Brandon Westgate (pictured here) and Ishod Wair. While the message boards and social media channels were filled with opinions, the overlords at Thrasher reached a decision. On Dec. 8, it was announced that Ishod Wair, who released not one, not two, but four video parts this year, was this year's king.