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Brian Kaminski's battle with cancer

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Brian Kaminski's battle with cancer

Photograph By Keith Terra

Brian Kaminski is a longtime BMX trail rider from Long Island, N.Y. that has called the Boondock Trails home for the past several years. Earlier this year, Kaminski underwent a blood test for a hereditary type of gastric cancer that his father was diagnosed with, and the results came up positive.

According to Kaminski, he had to undergo a complete gastrectomy to remove his stomach in July of 2013. Six weeks later, he was back at the trails, riding the pump track and digging new lines with his friends. Despite losing a good deal of weight, enduring almost a week in the intensive care unit following his surgery and adhering to a strict diet, Kaminski credits his return to BMX riding and the camaraderie he developed through BMX as one of the components of his recovery.