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Transitions according to Brian Shamanski

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Transitions -- Al Partenan

Photograph By Brian Shamanski

"I grew up in Canada in a city that at the time, had a mini ramp to skate, and that was about it for transition skating. Because of that, I grew up not skating or knowing much about transition skating. I learned most of it since I moved to California from Winnipeg, Manitoba. I'll admit it, I can't do the tricks I shoot, but it's an amazing and raw form of skating. For this gallery, I have chosen a few of my favorite transition photos over the years," says photographer Brian Shamanski, beginning with Al Partenan. "This gem in Riverside was incredible. We stayed and skated it for a few days and even went back a few weeks later, with full permission to skate. Partenan shows us how a backside boneless is done properly," continues Shamanski.