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Top 50 Female Athletes in Action Sports

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9. Torah Bright

Photograph By Mark Kohlman/ESPN

From 2006 to 2009, Torah Bright won four X Games Aspen SuperPipe medals in a row -- two gold and two silver -- and then went on to win gold at the 2010 Olympics. Then she took a break from competition, opting instead to get back into snowboarding just for the love of it.

"For a while there I just wanted to go snowboarding," says Bright. "It was important to remind myself that contests aren't everything -- or even anything, necessarily."

When Bright did decide to step back into the contest scene, she stepped all the way in, becoming the first and only snowboarder to compete in three separate disciplines -- halfpipe, slopestyle and boardercross -- at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Despite the hectic competition and training schedule, Bright came away with a silver medal in halfpipe and a respectable seventh-place finish in slopestyle at the end of it.

"The thing I love most is that I'm doing my own thing and doing it the way I want to do it," says Bright. "It's never been about winning for me. I'm a snowboarder and not a competitor. I want to be the best snowboarder I can be, and that's always been my goal."