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Top 50 Female Athletes in Action Sports

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20. Alexis Sablone

Photograph By Mark Kohlman/ESPN

Alexis Sablone is not just a decorated X Games medalist (two gold, one silver) in Women's Skateboard Street -- she's also an Ivy League graduate with an architecture degree from Columbia University. With her skate roots firmly planted on the East Coast, Sablone started skating at an early age and began receiving boards from Element and took to the competition scene, earning a name for herself with consistent placings across the U.S. Now a graduate student in architecture at MIT, Sablone credits skateboarding with leading her to her academic pursuits. "Skateboarding has definitely helped me see my environment in unique and creative ways," says Sablone. "I am more attuned to different angles, textures and surfaces thanks to skateboarding."