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Top 50 Female Athletes in Action Sports

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30. Nina Buitrago

Photograph By Sandy Carson

Nina Buitrago is the first woman to gain attention in the BMX skatepark and street scene, and the most influential and well known female BMX pro on the scene today. Originally hailing from Long Island, N.Y., Buitrago started the first website and magazine (Emerald Nation) to focus on the women's BMX scene, and now works with fellow female BMXer Angie Marino on "Yeahhh!" magazine and website. Buitrago is the first female to receive signature BMX components, and now lives in Austin, Texas, where she focuses on riding trails and the bigger skateparks in the area. Buitrago was also the woman to push for female BMX demos at past X Games events. "We're at the point where I think girls BMX is accepted more than ever. Hopefully it will be more casually in the near future," says Buitrago.