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Top 50 Female Athletes in Action Sports

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47. Leanne Pelosi

Photograph By Ashley Barker

Pelosi embodies what women's snowboarding looks like in its finest hour: She's talented, as progressive as she is stylish, and while she can be vocal about the direction of women's snowboarding, she lets her actions lead the way -- killing it on her snowboard, no matter what terrain she's riding. Refusing to be pigeonholed into any one style of snowboarding, she rides everything -- from closeout rails to giant backcountry leaps of faith. As a founder of the all-women's snowboard movie company Runway Films, and the all-female snowboard camp MGT -- and most recently, one of the driving forces behind the all-women's snowboard web series P.S. -- Pelosi has been a voice for women's snowboarding for nearly a decade. With all of her accomplishments, she could throw in the towel now and still claim legend status, but the powerhouse from Canada isn't finished with snowboarding just yet. As to her influence on women's snowboarding as a whole, Pelosi has this to say: I hope that girls realize that they can create their own career. They don't need to be handed things on a silver platter. They can go film with their friends and follow their dreams.