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The Most Influential Women In Surf

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Lisa Andersen

Photograph By Bielmann/A-Frame

In 1987 Lisa Andersen was named ASP "Rookie of the Year." An ASP World Title would not come to her until 1994. She credits becoming a mother as the key to that breakthrough. "I surfed most of '93 pregnant, had my daughter, and then won the title the next year," Andersen says. "It changed everything for me."

By the time she was done, Andersen had won four titles in a row, transforming the image of women's surfing in the process. Ushering in the "Roxy revolution," she surfed with power and aggression, while never forsaking the feminine grace of the lines she drew. Twenty years after that first title, she's still a highly influential ambassador for both Roxy and women's surfing as a whole.