FAN-TASTIC ... the Sequel!

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Mario Arizzi

Photograph By Chris Sembrot for ESPN The Magazine

We're not sure what's harder to believe: that Arizzi has a Cowboys bar at home but doesn't drink, or that he's a Dallas fan born and raised in South Jersey. "I used to hear my friends' fathers say things I can't repeat about the Cowboys," says Arizzi, who still lives in Washington Township with his wife, Maria, and two sons, Mario Jr. (above left) and Matthew. "Basically, I was a contrarian who turned into a diehard." Since then, he's collected a few hundred autographs, from Tom Landry to Emmitt Smith, all in person. But we're surprised he's landed any: Arizzi has been to Dallas once, for a win over the Packers in 1995. "I drove 28 hours," he says. "Not only do I not drink -- I don't fly."