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Furnace Skate Shop and "Tee Hee"

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Alec Jamir, Kickflip Front Board

Photograph By Ben Karpinski

For over 18 years, Furnace Skate Shop has been helping to take care of Southern California's incredible skate scene. Located in Cypress, the shop brings in skaters from both Orange County and Long Beach. Their skate team has had a rich history, featuring the likes of the Warner Avenue mob, the 508 crew and Long Beach locals like Scott Kane and Darrell Stanton. But their future has never looked brighter. Recently, Furnace released a new video dubbed "Tee Hee," featuring an assortment of team riders. Here, Alec Jamir, who has a full part in the new video and a new spot on the Filament am team, kick flip front boards a So Cal rail.