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Cam Zink's Mammoth backflip bike

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Cam Zink's Mammoth bike build

Photograph By Brett Wilhelm/ESPN

In preparation for the Mammoth world record 100-foot backflip, Cam Zink is riding an aluminum YT Industries TUES 2.0 production model with mostly off-the-shelf components. The TUES 2.0 is an ideal jumping bike, fine-tuned with a more progressive free-ride suspension curve, compared to normal downhill bikes' very linear travel. Beyond new wheels, tires, pedals and a custom jump-tuned rear shock, it is virtually the same bike he road on the downhill trails of Whistler, B.C., the week prior. Zink will run a very similar build for next month's Rampage, but will swap in a newly available YT Industries prototype carbon frame featuring the same geometry.