Senior Moments

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Magdalene Keuhne

Photograph By Gregg Segal for ESPN the Magazine

Age 81, Track & Field

Long jump, triple jump, running 100 and 200 meters, then just throwing a little shot put, javelin and discus is just all in a typical Saturday for this great grandmother. A native of the former Yugoslavia, Keuhne fled Joseph Tito's dictatorship at 21 after six years in an internment camp, and vowed to take advantage of all America had to offer. After working her way up to head costume designer for Warner Brothers and raising a family, she shifted her focus to sports. When she could find a basketball team for seniors, a friend suggest Masters track. "I tried a few events and I won a few events and then I became addicted," she says. "I've been traveling the world to compete ever since." Keuhne goes to her local high school in the LA area every day to run, jump and throw, but the competitions keep her going. At 81, she still runs a 20-second 100 and marks 19-feet in her signature event, the triple jump. "When I was young, in my 50s, I won all of the medals in my seven events. Now, I only win a few. I even have to settle for silvers."