Ten Would-Be Cricketers

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Rafael Nadal

Photograph By Miguel Medina/AFP/GettyImages

If cricket fans drool at the thought of VVS Laxman's wristy flicks through midwicket, imagine the kinds of cricket shots the Spaniard could play if he got the chance? The 11-time Grand Slam singles winner possesses freakishly strong wrists and forearms and uses them to impart extreme spin on his shots. The success he's had on clay, grass and hard courts to complete a career Grand Slam means Nadal would be a man for all batting surfaces in cricket, too, whether it's the spinning decks of the Indian subcontinent, lush green wickets in England or bouncy pitches in Australia and South Africa. When his knees are holding up, he'd also be a devastatingly quick runner between the wickets. -- Peter Della Penna