The year in skateboarding, 2012

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The Bones Brigade Documentary

Photograph By Powell/Peralta

Oh yeah, there was also "Bones Brigade: An Autobiography." The Stacy Peralta-directed documentary told the story of the most famed and fabled skate team in history -- Powell/Peralta's Bones Brigade. Starring Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain, Tony Hawk, Tommy Guerrero, Mike McGill and Rodney Mullen, the film goes through the journey of finding and sponsoring six of the greatest skateboarders of the '80s. Not only was the film a success, but it also created a model for distributing and promoting films in an entirely different way. Peralta hosted small screenings around the globe, put on skate clinics and demos, auctioned off memorabilia, released a free download of the epic "Search for Animal Chin" and, most importantly, got the Bones Brigade members all under the same roof to talk about the good old days.