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X Games Los Angeles Travel Kit

Photograph By Lance Dawes

If you're traveling to X Games LA, Aug. 1-4, here are a few essential items to get you around town. Whether you're going to skate Stoner Park or try to sneak your way into the Berrics, here's what you'll need.

(Clockwise, left to right) Volcom flip-flops, Stance socks, Santa Cruz Skateboards beach towel, Powell Peralta hat, Oakley backpack, Death Wish Skateboards sunglasses, DC Shoes' "Nyjah High", Plan B Skateboards wristbands, Element Skateboards water canteen, Skullcandy headphones, Bones Wheels wallet, Skate Mental T-shirt, Death Wish Skateboards belt, DC Shoes T-shirt.