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Recycled Skateboards

Photograph By Sachi Cunningham

Skateboards are made from high-quality maple wood and epoxy glue and are ideal for recycling and transformation into something new. Artists, carpenters and innovators use broken decks -- which would otherwise be tossed into the garbage -- as the raw material for their creations. The worn, skated graphics and colored wooden plies speak to the authenticity of skateboarding.

Skateboarder George Rocha, creator of Iris Skateboards, says, "I wanted to make something functional from used decks, and naturally, a skateboard was it." He collects boards for his decks, but if he comes across a board that still has some life in it, he'll stop by his local skatepark and trade it with a kid whose deck is in need of an upgrade. Rocha recycles broken boards and those that have lost their pop, saying, "It just makes sense. Skateboards shouldn't be in a landfill. They should been ridden beyond the grave."