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Chris Tedesco

Photograph By Jim Perry/Drivestv.com

Photographer Chris Tedesco is known as a prolific freestyle motocross shooter. His other gig, though, is being one of the lensmen for luxury car brands BMW and Rolls-Royce. Tedesco has access to brand-new cars before they come out and gets to take them on multiple-day trips, photographing the cars wherever he goes, for press and advertising campaigns.

"This is one moment in my career that I will never forget," he says of this image, "hanging out of a BMW M6 convertible at Daytona International Speedway while photographing BMW's Race Car lineage. To be able to shoot something like this with a direct connection between your eye and the camera is an exhilarating feeling you can't get with remote cameras." Scroll on for Tedesco's take on his own portfolio.