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Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash Race

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The Wolfpack Hustle

Photograph By Mikey Wally

Now a semi-licensed three-event road-race series that stretches over the better part of a year, The Wolfpack Hustle, which began as a simple weekly night ride, is becoming something of a Los Angeles institution. The 2013 trifecta will wrap this Saturday with the 6th Street Drag Race, but the biggest draw tends to be the annual kickoff event: the Marathon Crash Race. (The middle event is the Civic Center Criterium, held June 23 this year.)

This gallery gives you an overview of the Marathon Crash Race's four-year history, beginning here with the 2013 starting area and a portion of the estimated 4,000 racers who pedaled the L.A. Marathon course's 26.2 miles earlier this spring. (Don't worry -- they roll through in the wee hours of the morning, well before the trotters arrive.)