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Red Bull Illume 2013

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Jaanus Ree: New Creativity Finalist

Photograph By Jaanus Ree/Red Bull Illume

Athlete: Gard Hvaara


"When I was covering Simple Session [one of Europe's biggest skateboarding and BMX contests], I saw this one wall free of any logos and big tire marks. It looked so clean that I just wanted to draw something on it -- so I decided on a skater's shadow!


"I took a 4-meter light stand and mounted it on the top of the vert with ropes so that the speedlight would be above the skater's head. Another flash was set up normally to fill the shadows a bit. I asked Gard Hvaara to ride the vert, and the result was big, with a nice shadow on the 5.5-meter-high wall. The photo came out better than I imagined it would!" -- Ree