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Red Bull Illume 2013

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Elias Kunosson: Experimental Finalist

Photograph By Elias Kunosson/Red Bull Illume

Athlete: Fredrik Berggren


"I shot this image during the first autumn I spent in Åre. I had just moved out of my car and found a place to stay. Not really knowing the village that well, I had heard that there would be a market, so I decided to check it out. When I walked into the village, I noticed posters saying they were going to have a[n] FMX show down by the lake. As it turned out, one of Sweden's best riders, Fredrik 'Frog' Berggren, was going to be there.


"I decided I wanted to showcase the crowded area but at the same time leave the focus on the rider. Not owning a specific tilt/shift lens, I had to do the effect in post [production]. I think it makes for a slightly surreal image while highlighting the action." -- Kunosson