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Fielding Miller, Adam Moszynski, Max Santeusanio, Nick Waggoner

Photograph By Ian Fohrman

Miller -- account manager at Backbone Media, Aspen, Colo., local and the guy with the biggest grin on his face -- drapes an arm around Moszynski, a local ski mountaineer, sommelier and the owner of Bare Layers, which makes bamboo first layers.

Waggoner, owner of Sweetgrass Productions, says of Santeusanio, far right, "Max is the most capable 20-year-old I've ever met. He takes photos, woos women and sneaks into bars with equal determination, focus and success. He works 22 hours a day, powered by hot dogs. He's a machine."

"Waggoner has opened many doors for me and taught me a great deal since I started working with him," Santeusanio counters. "If I had to describe working with Nick in one statement, it would be 'Never a dull moment.'"