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John Roderick, Zach Hooper, Corey Stasinos

Photograph By Ian Fohrman

"Tony inspires me because he's an amazing photographer, roommate and human," says fellow Aspen, Colo., artist Danny Brown. "For some reason he now puts everything he says in song."

Roderick is the founder of Breckenridge, Colo.-based Neu Productions. "Corey [Stasinos] and his brother Wyatt are the most dedicated backcountry snowboarders in Colorado, often living in the mountains throughout the summer, hunting and fishing," he says of the Polaroid subject at right. "You'll always recognize these two: They look like they just crawled out of a cave or a mine."

"Hoops was my first snowboard influence," says Stasinos of Aspen, Colo.-based photographer Zach Hooper. "He was always the best at the skatepark and we became skate friends. When I started to snowboard, he was the guy that I looked up to."