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J.F. Bruegger, Vanessa Aadland, Colter Hinchliffe, Austin Nelson

Photograph By Ian Fohrman

"J.F. is a magnificent beast that rears his beautiful mane in public from time to time," says friend Katrina Devore of Bruegger, an Aspen Valley Ski & Snowboard Club big-mountain coach, elk slayer and all-around bada--. "When graced by his presence, bacon (or elk) scent and wolf shirts, it's hard to feel anything but awe."

Utah-based pro skier (and spreader of good vibes) Aadland says of "world-famous shred master" Hinchliffe, "So happy for my boy Coulter. He works hard and definitely deserves to be on the big screen!"

Nelson, whose Polaroid portrait was shot by Hinchliffe, has moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears, but has pursued his passion for skiing as a member of the U.S. Deaf Ski and Snowboard Association, medaling in the Winter Deaflympics.