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Bro Ink

Photograph By Robin Fleming

From left to right:

Two-Headed Snake:
Skate photographer Jonathan Mehring asked Long to give him a snake tattoo. Long liked it so much that he asked Mehring to give him the same one, recalling, "It was his first ever, and he did it really quick and way better than the one I did on him."

Max Fish Broken Bottle:
"When we found out that [iconic New York bar] Max Fish was closing, Tino [Razo, who bartended there for years], and I got that. We drew it up on a bar napkin. It's a broken bottle with a tear coming out."

Black Hand:
A crew tattoo motivated by a black-hand sculpture at a hotel that Long's New York friends would frequent. He explains, "Eventually Ako [Jefferson] or Atiba [Jefferson] stole the black hand from the hotel. Then, any time we're together, it's the black-hand crew. So it was like, 'We've got to get black-hand tattoos.'"

Grey Area:
"Jerry [Hsu] gave me 'grey area' -- obviously stick-and-poke. 'Grey area' was the time before we were both married, where there'd be nothing to do and we'd sit around and talk or do nothing and we'd call that period of the day 'grey area.' It's when you don't do anything but just hang. So he gave me that and he's still waiting for me to give him his, but sometimes these things take a long time."

Bro Clasp:
"That was from the 'Now I Remember' photo show in Japan. It's a bro-clasp. Me, Jerry [Hsu], Curtis [Buchanan], Tino [Razo] and Todd [Jordan] got it."