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Right-Brained: Desiree Melancon

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"We're so pretty"

Photograph By Art: Desiree Melancon ~ Words: Rian Rhoe

"This was drawn from a photo that Cameron Strand took of Brynn [Hayes] and me," says Melancon. "We were shopping at Forever 21 in Riverside [Calif.], trying on huge heels and thinking about how 'pretty' we were in the mirror. When I saw the photo I knew right away that I was going to make it with the animal skulls.


"I am very birdlike and Brynn is very deer-like, so those are the skulls I drew on there. When girls check themselves out in mirrors, it's a really funny thing. It's natural but also pretty gross, to always care about how you look. So that's why I did skulls and not something prettier. Girl demons shopping." Pen and watercolor.