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Gearing up to get down

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The blue and the gray

Photograph By Lance Dawes

If leopard print duffel bags or the latest offerings from Vans and Anthony Van Engelen are your thing, it's time to start petitioning Santa Claus for the following.

Clockwise from left: Poler Lasso Snapback hat (www.polerstuff.com), Krew Axis jacket (www.k3wdenim.com), Beats By Dre Ur Beats headphones (www.beatsbydre.com), Volcom Petition leather belt (www.volcom.com), Fourstar High-Speed duffel bag (www.fourstarclothing.com), The Hundreds Class scarf (www.thehundreds.com), Alien Workshop Gilbert Crockett Archival deck (www.alienworkshop.com), Arnette Slickster sunglasses (www.arnette.com), Stance socks (www.stance.com), Vans AV Native American Low (www.vans.com), Alien Workshop 53mm wheels (www.alienworkshop.com), Independent 139 Koston 2 Forged Hollow Polished Stage 10.5 (www.independenttrucks.com), Fourstar Deconstructed Pirate keychain (www.fourstarclothing.com).