Dutch Boyd wins second WSOP bracelet

When the poker boom began, Russ "Dutch" Boyd was part of a group of young professional poker players ready to make a name for themselves. Boyd, unfortunately, first accomplished that goal off the tables due to some business-related issues. Getting back on track in 2006, he won his first bracelet by defeating 2005 World Series of Poker main event champion Joseph Hachem in one of the most-watched six-handed tournament final tables in history. After some close calls (three WSOP final tables since 2007), the 29-year-old Boyd finally got his second bracelet Sunday in the $2,500 six-handed limit hold 'em event.

A graduate of the University of Missouri at age 18, Boyd became infatuated with the game after watching the movie "Rounders." He moved to California, met up with "The Crew" (which included bracelet winners Scott Fischman and Brett Jangblut), and strived to improve his game. Since his poker career began, Boyd has earned $1.9 million in tournament winnings which includes $234,065 from this event.

"That first gold bracelet was really special," he said. "This is very special, too. But that first one was a dream come true. But now I have a new dream -- to win two bracelets in one year."

The dream will continue and Boyd has proven he's capable of making deep runs with six final table appearances and 15 cashes. His history at the WSOP weighed heavily on his mind before action began on the final day of play, but he remained confident.

"Going into today, I thought I had a really good shot," said Boyd. "When I think about the gold bracelets that I've missed, it was against some really tough hitters. I took second to T.J. Cloutier in 2004. That was my first final table. Last year, I was at the final table with both Phil Ivey and Carlos Mortensen -- which I consider to be the best players alive. They play so far above the rim, it's scary. Bill Edler is another. Scotty Nguyen. Eli Elezra. It seems like every single bracelet I've missed, there were some stacked tables. But going into today, I really felt like there was not that type of threat. Now, J.J. [Liu] was a hell of a player. So was Sugar Bear [Al Barbieri]. And Brian [Meinders] played really well."

Meinders remarkably made the final table in this event in 2009, finishing in eighth place. In 2010, Meinders held a commanding 4-to-1 chip lead at one point during heads-up play, but was unable to finish the job. He earned $144,650 in the biggest cash of his career.

Many people believe the game is only about the money or the bracelets, but Boyd believes in something altogether different.

"Four years ago, I thought I knew what this game was about," he said. "But now, I see how much more there is. It constantly amazes me how much more there is. It's so subtle. I love this game. It's not about the money. Despite what you see, there is really not that much money in professional poker. It's not about the fame. It's about competing with ourselves. That I can compete at the highest level if I put my mind to it. That's what it's about for me."

After his victory, Boyd discussed his final table experience in the video below and includes his thoughts on some players and the tells they were giving away.

Other notable finishers from Event 23 include Rafe Furst (16th), Michael Binger (22nd) and ESPN Radio's Poker Edge host Phil Gordon (27th).

Below are the complete results of Event 23 at the 2010 World Series of Poker:

Event 23: six-handed limit hold 'em
Buy-in: $2,500
Entries: 384
Prize pool: $883,200
Players in the money: 36

1. Dutch Boyd ($234,065)
2. Brian Meinders ($144,650)
3. Albert Minnullin ($93,892)
4. Art Parmann ($62,769)
5. Domenico Denotaristefani ($43,117)
6. Al Barbieri ($30,399)
7. J.J. Liu ($21,991)
8. Anh Le ($21,991)
9. Jeff Norman ($16,303)
10. Christopher Vitch ($16,303)
11. Dana Kellstrom ($12,382)
12. Eduardo Miranda ($12,382)
13. Chuck Danielsson ($9,635)
14. Javed Abrahams ($9,635)
15. Alexander Borteh ($9,635)
16. Rafe Furst ($9,635)
17. Steve Chanthabouasy ($9,635)
18. Tad Jurgens ($9,635)
19. Casey McCarrel ($7,675)
20. Andrew Rennhack ($7,675)
21. Jerid Zewin ($7,675)
22. Michael Binger ($7,675)
23. Brian Horton ($7,675)
24. Shawn Buchanan ($7,675)
25. Richard Li ($6,314)
26. David Webb ($6,314)
27. Phil Gordon ($6,314)
28. Tommy Hang ($6,314)
29. Roland Isra ($6,314)
30. Dominik Kulicki ($6,314)
31. Evan Shapiro ($5,202)
32. Justin Bonomo ($5,202)
33. Martin Kabrhel ($5,202)
34. David Baker ($5,202)
35. Alex Melnikow ($5,202)
36. Jeffrey Mervis ($5,202)