Scott Shelley denies JP Kelly at WSOPE

The 2010 World Series of Poker Europe has been quite an incredible ride after only three events. In the first two events, Phil Laak won his first bracelet and Jeffrey Lisandro took down his fifth. As the final table of Event 3 (£1,000 no-limit hold 'em) approached, all eyes were on JP Kelly, and for good reason. The British pro burst on the scene at the 2009 WSOP, where he won his first bracelet in a $1,500 pot-limit hold 'em tournament, defeating a field of 633 players. Just a couple of months later, Kelly won his second bracelet at the 2009 WSOPE, and this year, he made it back to the final table of that exact event with hopes of making history. Not only would Kelly become the first player to win two WSOPE bracelets, but he'd become the youngest player to win three bracelets, breaking Phil Ivey's record.

As the final table played out, it looked like Kelly was ready to wear that third bracelet, but part-time player Scott Shelley overcame Kelly's onslaught to become the champion. The heads-up battle between the two didn't last long, but it was filled with lead changes and exciting hands. The final blow came when Shelley called Kelly's all-in three-bet with 3-3. Kelly showed Q-J, and Shelley flopped a set, ending Kelly's hopes of going back to back.

"Words can't describe [this feeling]," Shelley said after his win. "I'm excited. I'm happy. I don't know; I feel really weird inside."

Shelley won his way into the tournament through a satellite in his office at PKR poker, where he works primarily in customer support.

"We all played a single-table sit-and-go between the 10 of us," he said. "I managed to take out eight of the nine players. I do not think I have ever run that good in a single-table sit-and-go."

Shelley ran well enough at the final table to take care of business but seemed to feel that he was a little fortunate against Kelly to take down the title.

"I respect him a lot," Shelley said of Kelly. "To me, he is one of the best British players. Of all the players at the table, he was by far the best -- by a country mile. I said to myself that if I got heads up that I did not want it to be against him. And sure enough, we ended heads up and he was going for back-to-back titles. And he had the chip lead on me. But somehow I managed to win."

Shelley plans to pay off some debts and buy a car with his winnings. He does not plan on playing the WSOPE main event, which begins Thursday.

Other notable finishers included Kyle Bowker (36th), Allen Kessler (38th) and Matthew Jarvis (40th).

Below are the complete results of WSOPE Event 3:

Event 3: No-limit hold 'em
Buy-in: £1,000
Entries: 582
Prize pool: £582,000
Players in the money: 54

1. Scott Shelley (£133,857)
2. JP Kelly (£82,854)
3. Jeppe Bisgaard (£55,063)
4. Paul Pitchford (£40,862)
5. Kaveh Payman (£30,666)
6. Mehdi Senhaji (£23,239)
7. Jack Lyman (£17,768)
8. Karim Jomeen (£13,694)
9. Nicky Katz (£10,633)
10. Stephan Nitschke (£8,317)
11. Dennis Hassabis (£8,317)
12. Stephen Broomfield (£8,317)
13. Massimiiano Mauceri (£6,588)
14. Leonard Truche (£6,588)
15. Keith Hawkins (£6,588)
16. Georges Tohme (£5,221)
17. Xiang Tan (£5,221)
18. Martin Hansen (£5,221)
19. James Tomlin (£4,179)
20. Anton Wigg (£4,179)
21. Wesley Pantling (£4,179)
22. John Harnett (£4,179)
23. Adam Fradgley (£4,179)
24. Stephen Chidwick (£4,179)
25. Priyan de Mel (£4,179)
26. Dean Sanders (£4,179)
27. Raphael Beer (£4,179)
28. Kumal Choraria (£3,376)
29. Sofia Lovgren (£3,376)
30. Timothy Blake (£3,376)
31. Francesco Fama (£3,376)
32. Elior Sion (£3,376)
33. Ramey Shaio (£3,376)
34. Dominic Wells (£3,376)
35. Matthew Neiberg (£3,376)
36. Kyle Bowker (£3,376)
37. Joseph Bodner (£2,747)
38. Allen Kessler (£2,747)
39. Claire Renaut (£2,747)
40. Matthew Jarvis (£2,747)
41. Ray Chan (£2,747)
42. Ting He (£2,747)
43. Kristian Wiermyhr (£2,747)
44. Kevin Igersheim (£2,747)
45. Patryk Slusarek (£2,747)
46. Tommy Vedes (£2,252)
47. Asa Pentecost (£2,252)
48. Justis Brogan (£2,252)
49. Roman Urban (£2,252)
50. Paul Whiddon (£2,252)
51. Michael Leedham (£2,252)
52. Richard Hawes (£2,252)
53. Manig Loeser (£2,252)
54. Tom Fleischer (£2,252)