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Thursday, January 11, 2001
No. 8 not sitting well with Wings fans

Red Wings fans have come out of hiding again and have begun defending Chris Osgood. That dysfunctional love-hate thing must be contagious – for many Rangers fans, their beloved Blueshirts are never ranked low enough.

On with this week's Rank Comments:

Sens are the best team in the east and you guys have them ranked 10th?! Oh, I guess it's because they reside in Canada and not New York.

Chris W.

Funny thing, looking at the list, the Detroit Red Wings have beaten every team that you have placed above them even with their second best defensemen injured and an uncertain goaltending situation. I must be missing something here. Care to enlighten me?

Patrick Klein
Los Angeles

Flyers at No. 11??? I hate you guys.

Ian Fintak
Los Angeles

As a die-hard Ranger fan I have watched almost every game this year and cannot understand why they are ranked 26th. To think we haven't won a game in three weeks and we still can't get the No. 31 ranking. What do we have to do?

Rich Biele
Fremont, Calif.

Detroit may not be a contender anymore, but damn are they chewing up those teams over .500 and spitting them out … in overtime. Look out Mario, Scotty has circled the wagons!

Chris Head
Lapeer, Mich.

As a life long Islander fan I applaud your honesty with a rank at No. 30. Message to Mr. Wang: Please, oh please, end this disgrace.

Kings Park, N.Y.

Goring will not be the next coach fired. If anybody should go, it should be Milbury.

Alas, Isles fans have but one small glimmer of hope left to this season and that's watching the Rangers go down in flames as well.

Seth Kwitko
New York

We've finally figured out what's wrong with the Islanders. It's not the coaching. It's not the players. It's not the goaltending. It's not even the building. It's Beezer's mask. Even Luongo's blank mask is better than that thing!!! If you can't be handsome, be handy. Beezer's mask is neither.

Chad Neidigh
Lynn, Mass.

I don't get it. You go out of your way to point out that the Canes are a .500 team and then rank them lower than a half-dozen sub-.500 teams. You don't mention that they're unbeaten in their last six straight home games. You don't mention they've done this without the services of Sandis Ozolinsh. And God-forbid that anyone at ESPN mentions that the Canes are one of the only teams in the league enjoying an increase in attendance!

It's time for a little R-E-S- P-E-C-T!

Raleigh, N.C.

The Flyers lose two of their last 14 and you have them ranked at 11?!?!?!?!? My 92-year-old grandmother, who knows nothing about hockey, could come up with better Power Rankings than this.

Culver City, Calif.

For the first time ever I agree with your Flyers' ranking! But why don't you ever talk about how good they will be when they're healthy and get something for that 88 guy?


Mark down WHAT on Feb. 11 … another Ranger loss? What will it take to get the Rangers at the very bottom of this list? You should add wasted salary to your secret formula. Acquiring Tkachuk AND Blake couldn't help that wretched franchise.

Nutley, N.J.

I'm sorry, but how do the Penguins belong above the Sabres, Leafs and Senators? Sure they have Mario back but how many points have they gained on those teams above them that they deserve a higher placement? All you want with this Power Ranking is to tick people off and, despite my knowledge of this, you have succeeded with me.


Bondra jokes aren't funny. Ted Leonsis: If you're reading this, KEEP BONDRA!!!

Eric Cooper
Falls Church, Va.

New York is cursed!!! Its cursed I tell ya!!! Joking, but it is beginning to smell funny around Madison Square Garden …

Serge Verba
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Nice writeup on the Canucks this time. You are, in my opinion, ranking the Canucks a little low. Yes, goaltending is a weak point, but the team has performed very well in spite of this fact and spent most of the season in the top five overall. This should warrant better than a rating of seventh (the highest you have ever rated us). Keep in mind that a team that can stay in the top five with a so-so goaltending corps will dominate if somebody (Potvin) gets hot.

John Mercier

Having the Canes below six sub-.500 teams is bad, but being behind the "forever living in past glory" Bruins hurts real bad.

Rich Ginel
Glastonbury, Conn.

I'm sorry, but the Blackhawks need a little more support from ESPN rank people. 6-2-1 in their last 9 is very good and they don't deserve to be 19th. You heard it here first. The Hawks will make the playoffs and it will be because of Nylander and Sullivan, not Amonte.

David Budimir

With regard to Tampa Bay, I'm thinking you guys are a little slow on the uptake. Having recycled Renberg, Gratton (twice) and still holding on to Svoboda, isn't imitating Philly exactly what they are doing? Next you'll be saying their defense is big and slow, and they get all their scoring from their starting center and left wing!

Mike Schultz
Pottstown, Pa.

After two years of following this stupid column, I finally found nothing really wrong with your rankings. Did you guys accidentally let someone who knows something about hockey do them this week or something?

Jeffery Stone
Lincoln, Neb.