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Friday, December 6, 2013
Theotis Beasley for Nike SB Chronicles

By Andrew Cannon

Theotis Beasley is one of skateboardings many entertaining characters. He is always happy, he is continuously thanking everyone for everything and he couldnt say a bad thing about someone to save his life (if you dont believe me check out his Weekend Buzz.) There is not a bad bone in his body, unless of course, you count his left ankle that started giving him trouble last month while finishing up filming for the Nike SB Chronicles "Volume 2." A few days before the premiere, I got to chat with Beasley about his favorite trip while filming, why he gave up on trick lists and what exactly is going to be turnt up in his next part. What have you been up to lately? You seem like such a busy guy these days.
Beasley: Oh man, we finished the video last month and besides that I just skated Dew Tour. Besides that Ive just been chillin.

Have you seen the video yet?
Every time we would go on a trip wed go out and dudes would get something and later we would have a footy party. Wed all go to Jason Hernandezs room, watch the footage and everyone would get hyped up to get more of it the next day.

"Every Theo part gotta have a little turnt up in there, add a little character," says Beasley.

How involved were you with the song choice?
I was always playing music when I would go out filming with Jason [Hernandez] and he started to learn all the songs and all the artists and he would tell me this one's not tight, but this one is tight. So I was telling him about the Lil Wayne thing and he told me to reach out to him personally. So I hit him up and told him I was down to use his song and he was like, "Aight cool, fa sho." So I was pretty much involved in picking the song. I gave him a list of songs in order of greatest to least, but Im sure we got the Wayne song because otherwise he would have told me.

Thats awesome. Is there any dancing footage of you in this one?
You know what, when we were out in Madrid, Luan [Oliveira] and I were going back and forth singing the lyrics and stuff so it might be a little turnt up in there. Every Theo part gotta have a little turnt up in there, add a little character.

Are you happy with how it turned out or were there tricks you wanted to get?
Yeah, I guess I could say Im hyped. Before we went on our last trip to Madrid, I had a really bad heel bruise, so it was hard for me to skate at home. But when I am out of the country I see all these new spots and I want to skate them. I thought it was going to be a trip where I was going to have trouble but I ended getting some good stuff. Im hyped.

Which was your favorite trip that you went on while making this video?
Baku, Azerbaijan. Most people dont even know where that is, theyre like, "What is Baku?!" I dont know who picked the trip, but they must have been like, "Lets go somewhere nobody has ever been." There were two kids there that showed us around and took us to some good spots. It was real dope.

Is this going to be a different part for you?
I think a lot of it is stuff that youve probably seen, just on stuff that is bigger. That is how I started filming for it, but then the heel bruise was getting to me and I couldnt try new stair tricks that I wanted to get. The heelflip crook I did in that new Thrasher was a new trick for me though, it took me two times to go back and get it, so I was hyped. I think there will be some things in there though that people havent seen. There will be a back heel and a big heel, common stuff, but no rails. I didnt get a chance to get to it, not even one.

Were you able to stay healthy during the making of the video?
I rolled my ankle at Dew Tour so I had to stop filming before everyone else. I still cant skate but Ive been going to the doctor to get it worked on. And the heel bruise too, its all on my left side so I kinda got torn up.

How is filming for Nike different than filming for Baker?
Filming for the Nike video, you go out of the country and go to all these dope places. You get to eat dope room service. Nike looks out for us and makes sure were taken care of. So really I would just say the trip situation, because we want to do that with Baker but they dont have the same kind of money.

Do you put together a list of tricks or do you just go out and see what you can do?
A couple years back Id make a trick list but then when Id go out I wouldnt even try the trick, Id try something else. I used to always go through blank sheets of printer paper but I would never even try them, so I gave up. After two years of writing stuff down I gave up. I tried doing it again for the Nike video but the same thing happened. So I just had it all in my head. I need to start doing that though so that when I get to the spot Im totally focused on that trick. Its best to have a plan. Like a contest, P-Rod and Nyjah always have it mapped out, I just always go with the flow.

Who was your favorite person to travel with while making the video?
Im gonna say Ishod [Wair]. There is just a lot to relate to. When I first got on Nike, the dude I would always talk to was Daryl Angel, we built a real good relationship. Hes the dude that I always talk to when I need to open up or ask questions. But Ishod gets me hyped. He skates the biggest rails, 5-0s through kinks and stuff and hes so smooth. And usually when people sweat they use their shirt to wipe off their face but not him. He keeps going. He trains for hours, we all enjoy watching him and I think its dope how good the kid is. He came from nothing at Tampa and then everyone hooked him up. I respect him a lot. And hes really funny and goofy, he likes to dance in between tricks and stuff, its crazy.

Whose part are you the most excited to see?
Donovan Piscopo. Ive seen a lot of it but I know that he was getting stuff while I was hurt. Thats my dog too. He was my roommate on all the trips.

What is next for you now that the video is done?
Really just working on "Baker 4." Im gonna be back in the thing skating with the dogs.

How long until you can skateboard?
Id say another two to three weeks and I should be back on my board.