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Saturday, February 15, 2014
Dunk contest letdown: 'That's it?'

The Slam Dunk Contest is supposed to be the marquee event of All-Star Saturday night. This year, the NBA introduced a new format designed to reinvigorate the contest, and attracted the most star-studded field in decades. However, once the dunkers hit the court, the NBA players watching found the new format -- a 90-second freestyle round for each conference, followed by a trio of one-on-one battles -- confusing at best and a disappointment at worst.

This year dunk contest format might is probably worst than the wheel back in 2002 lol

— Jason Richardson (@jrich23) February 16, 2014

The end of this year's dunk contest was like the end of "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire". Ur like huh.. Is that it? Shouldn't there be more

— Roy Hibbert (@Hoya2aPacer) February 16, 2014

They didn't even let T Ross defend his title really. That new format Wack

— Tony Wroten (@TWroten_LOE) February 16, 2014

Old format for the dunk contest should be back ASAP!!

— Dwight Buycks (@BuycksWorld13) February 16, 2014

My uncle said I am looking forward to next year lay up competition. I second that motion.

— Al-Farouq Aminu (@farouq1) February 16, 2014

Y'all wanted a change in the dunk contest and still not happy lol !!

— John Henson (@_John_Henson_) February 16, 2014

At this point the only way to satisfy y'all is if they put a trampoline in the floor next year ...LOL #SuggestionBoxIt

— John Henson (@_John_Henson_) February 16, 2014

A finale between the 3 east players would have been cold

— rudy gobert (@rudygobert15) February 16, 2014

It's over?

— trevorariza (@TrevorAriza) February 16, 2014

One Dunk n You Win?

— Jason Thompson (@jtthekid) February 16, 2014

That's it?

— Nicolas Batum (@nicolas88batum) February 16, 2014

Me too fam RT @c_hayes44: I hope the league goes back to the traditional slam dunk contest format

— Isaiah Thomas (@Isaiah_Thomas2) February 16, 2014

ThAts it??

— Anthony Morrow (@MrAnthonyMorrow) February 16, 2014

I hope the league goes back to the traditional slam dunk contest format

— chuck hayes (@c_hayes44) February 16, 2014

Wait what?

— Charlie Villanueva (@CV31) February 16, 2014

I kno it ain't over mane

— DeJuan Blair (@DeJuan45) February 16, 2014

Should of kept the Dunk Contest simple!!

— DeJuan Blair (@DeJuan45) February 16, 2014

I don't know if I'm feeling that open/freestyle round in the dunk contest

— chuck hayes (@c_hayes44) February 16, 2014

I don't like how the dunk contest is set up now

— Brandon Rush (@BRush_25) February 16, 2014

They done changed the dunk contest into NBA Street Vol. 2 Gamebreaker! Haha!

— Ian Clark (@IanClark) February 16, 2014