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Tuesday, March 13, 2001
Something special about Spokane

(Editor's note: Duke senior Georgia Schweitzer, a two-time ACC Player of the Year, has shared a weekly diary with throughout the season.)

March 12, 2001

Our team always watches the selection show together at coach G's house. This year, ESPN was also set up in her living room and we saw ourselves on television watching TV! We were anxiously awaiting the seeds since we weren't sure whether we would be a No. 1 or a No. 2. All week, people kept asking us where we wanted to go and if wanted the No. 1 seed.

Getting the No. 1 seed is great for our program and school, and it is a wonderful reward for a great regular season. But while being the No. 1 has its obvious advantages, I understand -- after three previous NCAA Tournament appearances -- that none of that really matters once the ball is tipped up at the beginning of the game.

My freshmen year, the top seed in our region lost to the No. 16 team. As a No. 3 seed my sophomore year, we beat the No. 2 and No. 1 seeds to get the Final Four. And last year things also got very interesting. So when we were selected as the No. 1 seed in the West, I was happy but I also realize every team is dangerous and I respect every opponent.

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  • We have two games at home first. If we win, we will head to Spokane, Wash. Surprisingly, I am delighted at the opportunity to play again in Spokane. Before my senior year of high school, the AAU national tournament was held in Spokane. My team was always good but this was truly our breakout tournament.

    As all recruiters know, the summer before senior year is critical. I was kind of being recruited by Duke before the tournament, but I played some of my best basketball there and became a top pick -- not just a player on Duke's list.

    I also have very fond memories of my AAU team from that tournament. We were all very close and many play now in college, so hi to all the Lions. So Spokane, although far, is just fine with me!

    For now, we have to prepare for our first game. That is the only thing on my mind right now -- one game.

    We are on spring break right now so we have all the time we need to get focused and practice. It is very nice to sleep in and get plenty of rest, although it is a little lonely with my non-basketball friends gone on spring break. I would much rather be here, though, getting ready for the NCAA Tournament!