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Thursday, April 5, 2001
Feedback: All four players should stay and win one

Arizona Wildcat juniors Richard Jefferson and Michael Wright and sophomores Gilbert Arenas and Jason Gardner are all considering the NBA as an option for next year. The 'Cats had a strong run in the tournament but lost to Duke on Monday, 82-72. We asked you about these four starters possibly leaving for the NBA? Here is what you had to say:

Either way we will succeed
Arenas, Wright, and Jefferson could all succeed in the NBA next year, but I would have to say that all four of those guys SHOULD stay because they would have a very good chance of getting that title they came so close to this year. If some of them do decide to leave, Zona will still be ok with a great recruiting class. And the 'Cats would soon be in the title picture again within a couple years. Duke took a major hit a couple years back, only to reload quickly and win this year. We have the potential to do the same thing.

Luke Carothers
Tucson, Ariz.

Guaranteed champs in 2002!
I believe they SHOULD NOT declare for the NBA draft. If the 4 starters from this year return, with the addition of 5 great high school players coming in...Arizona looks to be the 2001-2002 champs! The NBA and the money will always be there, but nothing would be like winning a championship and going out on top!

Worcester, Mass.

On balance
I hope that all four return to finish what they started. A loss to Duke in the Championship game should just make them more hungry than before. Lute Olson has removed all egos and blended a very talented group of superstars into a very balanced team. With one of the nation's best recruiting class this team will get it done. Go 'Cats!!!

Eric Froberg
Phoenix, Ariz.

Stay in school!
I think that all of the 'Cats should stay for their entire college career. College ball is shortlived even at its longest. The memories will last forever and there is nothing wrong and everything right with an education. And who would want to miss the chance to beat Duke down next season?

Jon Skevington
El Cajon, Calif.

Grow with Olson
I think they'll all stay. While all of them could play for the NBA, they have room to grow and a solid coach like Lute Olson can make them even better next year. Only Richard Jefferson is well-rounded enough to be justified in applying for the 2001 draft.

Chris Keller
San Francisco, Calif.

Jefferson and Wright can handle NBA
I would hope to see all four come back. Of the four, I would say Richard Jefferson is the most ready to go, but would not be surprised to see Michael Wright go. I would be surprised to see the two guards go. They both need at least one more year to temper their skills and become more well rounded. One more note: Loren, we are all proud of your season and wish you well.

Paz Terry
Tucson, Ariz.

Money, money, money!
As an alumni, of course I'd like to see all of them return. But, you have to ask the question, What would you do? Richard Jefferson and Gilbert Arenas could sign contracts worth more than most of us will make in a lifetime. Can you blame them for leaving! In my opinion Gardner and Wright should definitely stay.

Stephen Karpi
Monterey, Calif.