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Wednesday, March 20, 2002
Chiefs hit town for private workout

By Ashley Lelie with Wayne Drehs
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The past few days, the waiting and wondering of this whole NFL Draft process has been wearing on me a bit. I'm anxious to get things rolling and start playing some football.

So Tuesday's workout for some representatives of the Kansas City Chiefs was just what I needed. Offensive coordinator Al Saunders, receivers coach Charlie Joyner and a couple scouts flew to L.A. to meet me, and I felt like things went pretty well.

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  • Over the span of about an hour, they had me run some of routes, catch some balls and show some blocking techniques. I think I did pretty good. I dropped one ball, but it wasn't during the route running. It was the second-to-last throw of the afternoon, when they were checking out this quarterback from Cal State Northridge. I was just standing there next to Coach Jones, catching some balls and talking while the quarterback showed his ability to roll out. I guess I got a little too relaxed, and when the second-to-last pass came, I fumbled and dropped it. Shouldn't have happened, but it did. Though it wasn't the end of the world. Everything else I felt pretty good about.

    We were supposed to go out and eat, so we all could get better acquainted -- me, my agent and the guys from the Chiefs -- but I showed up an hour early, and Coach Saunders and Jones were there already, so we got all that taken care of while we waited for the quarterback and a couple scouts from the Chiefs.

    We talked about everything. Where I grew up. What my family life was like. What Hawaii was like. It was like a mini job interview. My first true interview for the NFL. I went over a bunch of our college formations from Hawaii, different plays we ran, different reads I made. They wanted to familiarize themselves with what my responsibilities were in college. Then we talked a little about their offense and what I would do if I was a Chief. They are going to run a wide-open passing attack, a dream come true for any wide receiver.

    All in all, it was a whole lot of fun. Not a lot of people ever get the opportunity to have a couple NFL coaches fly to where they are just to watch them work out. So that felt good. And I was excited to finally get things started. It's kind of awkward in that they don't give you any feedback, other than to say you did a good job. But the more I thought about it, I don't want to know what they're thinking. I don't want them to tell me anything, because you never know what can happen on draft day. And I don't want to get too attached or too unattached to any team.

    I wish every team could have been there, though, as I thought I performed that well. But they weren't, so there's still a long way to go. Friday I have a mini pro day with four or five teams, including the Jaguars, Texans, Cowboys and I think the Chargers. Then Monday is the big pro day, with about 15-20 teams. If I can duplicate in those workouts what I did for the Chiefs, things will work out fine.

    Between now and then, I'm just laying low and getting my rest. Pretty much all of my mom's family lives down here, including my grandmother and a bunch of aunts, uncles and cousins, so I've been spending some time with them and getting caught up.

    My hamstring is finally back to 100 percent. I ran all out in my workout and didn't flick it or feel any nagging pain at all. Hopefully it will stay that way until Monday. I'm going to probably run once a day between now and then, just to stay sharp and keep things loose. But I'm not going to time anything. I know what I can do.

    My college quarterback, Nick Rolovich, gets to town on Thursday, and we'll start working out together on Friday. He's going to be my quarterback for Monday's pro day, so we'll spend some time this weekend sharpening our skills and getting ready for Monday.