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Monday, March 25, 2002
The wait is over; it's time to run

By Ashley Lelie with Wayne Drehs
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SANTA MONICA, Calif. -- Finally, the big day has come. About 15-20 teams are expected to be on hand for my pro day on Monday and to tell you the truth, I'm feeling a little bit nervous.

After not working out at the combine and having to push my pro day back because of the NFL Owners meetings, the pressure to perform has built. This is it. This is my chance to prove myself. The months of training, of workouts, of preparation all comes down to this.

Making the Leap is following wide receiver Ashley Lelie on his journey from the University of Hawaii to the NFL. Lelie is writing a weekly diary, and we will file regular reports on the steps a prospect takes in preparation for the NFL draft on April 20.

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  • After my workout, I'll probably go and visit a couple teams and run some routes and catch some balls for them, but there won't be as much anticipation as there is for this.

    So I'm just trying to stay cool. I've waited a long time for this opportunity and I want to do my best. I had a great workout for the Chiefs last Tuesday and a pretty good one with the Ravens and Texans on Friday, but neither of those compare to this. So the majority of this weekend, I've just tried to relax both my body and my mind.

    On Saturday, I visited my grandma, who lives down here, and then went to see Blade 2 with some of the other members of my family. Better action scenes than the original, but not as good of a plot.

    On Sunday, my family came down to Santa Monica, and we hung out around here. It's been great having them around for support.

    Besides that, I'm a big Twilight Zone fan and have the entire collection on DVD, so I've been watching some of those episodes in my hotel room. Again, just trying to relax.

    My hamstring feels like it's ready to go. It better be. I had two deep tissue massages today and everything feels good. Hopefully tomorrow will be much of the same. In both of my workouts, I've pushed the leg quite a bit, and it has responded. So all that should be set.

    The plan for the workout is pretty laid back. I'm going to get there about an hour and a half early, stretch, warm up and get my body ready to perform. I'm going to run the 40, do the vertical jump, the long jump and whatever receiving drills the coaches and general manages want. Some guys script their workout, telling the GMs what they're going to show, but that's not my plan. I'm going to do whatever they want me to do in whatever order they want to see it.

    And when it's over, hopefully I will have turned a few heads and earned myself a spot in the first round.