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Tuesday, May 21, 2002
Updated: May 22, 11:35 AM ET
What were the Seahawks thinking?

Page 2 staff

Ryan Leaf
Ryan Leaf was never able to live up to the comparisons with "Peyton."
What were the Seattle Seahawks thinking when they signed Ryan Leaf to a one-year contract?

A. "This should increase Matt Hasselbeck's confidence ... in a hurry."

B. "Sure he has been released three times in the past 15 months, but he's much cheaper than a new tackling dummy ... and almost as smart."

C. Resident genius Mike Holmgren made a $100 bet with one of his assistants that he could "fix" any quarterback in America.

D. News of Leaf's NFL flameout hasn't reached Pullman yet.

E. Holmgren figured anybody discarded by Jerry Jones just might have potential.

F. Assistant GM misunderstood vague instructions about buying a new "leaf blower" for team headquarters.