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Tuesday, September 3, 2002
Updated: September 4, 4:48 PM ET
What's hot, not for NFL 2002

By Dan Shanoff
Page 2 columnist

Whether it's bantering with your office-mates about the weekly pool, swapping the skinny with your friends at the sports bar or trying to impress that hottie on your first date, spouting last season's conventional wisdom about the new NFL season is going to make you as popular as Chris Weinke.

So check out the "What's Hot, What's Not" List below for the 4-1-1 on the names, trends and fads that are at the forefront of Kickoff Weekend. We promise: That first-date hottie really wants to know:

What's Hot, What's Not for NFL 2002
Category Hot Not
"He Hate Me"
Chris Weinke

Rod Smart
Barstool debate Who is this season's surprise team? Can the Patriots repeat?
Conventional wisdom Systems win championships Players win championships
Position Whatever LaVar Arrington is playing Quarterback
Rallying cry "We're just gonna pitch it and catch it" "We get no respect"
Whatever happened to ...
Daunte Culpepper

Jake Plummer
Reason to make roster "Hard Knocks" watchers get to like you Guaranteed money
Reason for a coach to start a QB Played for me in college Enamored with ex-baseball career
Jersey to be seen in
David Carr

Tim Couch
Dud Jamal Anderson Ricky Watters
Brewing-controversy backup QB
Chris Chandler

Doug Flutie
Rookie bandwagon Antwaan Randle-El Roy Williams
Comeback Rodney Peete Fred Taylor
Who? Kelly Holcomb Mike McMahon
Super Bowl teams Expect the unexpected So what that you win your division?
QB's role Spiritual leader Ride the defense
Sexy pick to be champ

New England
Overhyped Giant Jeremy Shockey Jesse Palmer
MVP bandwagon
Donovan McNabb

Shane Matthews
Complaint about a stadium Number of restrooms Sightlines of neighboring city
Fantasy-junkie sleeper WR Johnnie Morton Jimmy Smith
Novel way to use your first-round fantasy pick Michael Vick Priest Holmes
Mike Shanahan's biggest problem Brian Griese, underperformer The RB situation
Record fans want to see broken Career rushing-yards total TDs in a season
Day to start season Thursday night Sunday afternoon
TV analysis "Boom! Thwack!" Esoteric cultural references
Bon Jovi NFL anthem-maker Big-hair VH-1 staple
Mr. Extension Michael Strahan Tom Brady
Power division AFC East AFC North
Line on Bledsoe Mr. Hugs 'n Kisses Chemistry-wrecker
Coaching nickname Shiny Pants (Steve Spurrier) Chucky (Jon Gruden)
Latest misconception Ricky Williams = savior Mike Holmgren = genius

Dan Shanoff is a columnist for Page 2. His "What's Hot, What's Not" trend-spotting list appears Thursdays. Got inside scoop on an up-and-coming trend? Want to declare something passé? Send this glimpse of your hipness to