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Monday, November 18, 2002
What was Ed Reed thinking?

Page 2 staff

Ed Reed
Mr. Showboat Ed Reed gives back to the Bengals.
What the heck was the Ravens' Ed Reed thinking when he started to celebrate his first NFL touchdown at the 10-yard line before he was caught from behind and stripped of the ball?

A. "He & could & go & all & the & DOH!"

B. "Why should I worry? Don Beebe has already retired."

C. "We skip enough classes at Miami to mix up the 5-yard line and the end zone."

D. "I should call Dwayne Rudd to carpool for the meeting."

E. "Wait until you see me celebrate almost scoring my second NFL touchdown. I'm gonna pull out all the stops."

F. "Did I put the Sharpie in my left shoe, or my right shoe?"