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Tuesday, April 22, 2003
Updated: April 23, 1:12 PM ET
Vote: Who should your team take?

SportsNation staff

You've read all the mock drafts and analysis about who your team will take. But who should they take?

We took the brainpower of ESPN's draft gurus, the word on the street, the Internet rumors, the coachspeak and the draftees' sound bites and threw them all in a blender. Out came the top options for each team.

Find your favorite team, cast your vote, and see how your opinion stacks up with that of the rest of your fellow football fans in SportsNation.

Stories from the draft room
Check out Greg Garber's look at what goes on in NFL draft rooms:

  • Working the room
    Some teams have rooms devoted to the draft year-round, others take over a conference room for a month.

  • In or out: who's in the room?
    Some teams have as few as four people in their draft room and some invite the whole staff.

  • Who's in charge?
    The ultimate decision always comes down to one person.

  • The Best Draft Ever?
    The Steelers' 1974 draft landed them Jack Lambert, Mike Webster, Lynn Swann and John Stallworth.

  • 1. Cincinnati Bengals
    2. Detroit Lions
    3. Houston Texans
    4. Chicago Bears
    5. Dallas Cowboys
    6. Arizona Cardinals
    7. Minnesota Vikings
    8. Jacksonville Jaguars
    9. Carolina Panthers
    10. Baltimore Ravens
    11. Seattle Seahawks
    12. St. Louis Rams
    13. New York Jets (from WAS)
    14. N.E. Patriots (from BUF)
    15. San Diego Chargers
    16. Kansas City Chiefs
    17. New Orleans Saints
    18. New Orleans (from MIA)
    19. New England Patriots
    20. Denver Broncos
    21. Cleveland Browns
    22. New York Jets
    23. Buffalo Bills (from ATL)
    24. Indianapolis Colts
    25. New York Giants
    26. San Francisco 49ers
    27. Pittsburgh Steelers
    28. Tennessee Titans
    29. Green Bay Packers
    30. Philadelphia Eagles
    31. Oakland Raiders
    32. Oakland Raiders (from TB)