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Thursday, May 15, 2003
Updated: April 4, 5:32 PM ET
Darren Collins

Darren Collins From: GALENA, KS
Participating Since: 1979
Competing Since: 1983

Competitive Performance
  • GOG 2003 TRG ARCHERY 1
  • GOG 2002 TRG ARCHERY 3
  • GOG 2000 TRG ARCHERY 5

    Darren first started hunting with his dad. He bought his first bow at the age of 3 with his allowance. He first went bowhunting at age 14 - the legal age at which you can start. He now spends at least two weeks every May going bowhunting. Last year he was up near the North Pole when he shot a polar bear (potentially a world record), and this May he just got back from Alaska. He'd rather spend all of his time hunting, but also competes in at least 3 major competitions a year.

    Darren says, "I have as good a chance as anyone and you can't depend on winning. A few of the competitors are better than me, but I am better than a few. Anyone can win."He also says, "I don't like getting beat. I'm not planning to win, but I will shoot my best."